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Atomizer pour tªtes d'impression -
  • Atomizer pour tªtes d'impression -

Atomizer pour tªtes d'impression


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The Atomiser is a great solution for the first cleaning of blocked print heads.

It squirts a jet of water under high pressure (although not enough to damage the print head) that can be used to target blocked heads and make the cartridge viable for refilling.

The atomiser has an draining area that allows any excess water or ink to run off, keeping the area you are working on clean and dry.

Other features:-

  • Water tank of 1.2 litres.
  • Pressure regulation to adapt to the print head characteristics.
  • Side support for pistol.

DIMENSIONS: 40cm x 28cm x 34cm
POWER SUPPLY: needs compressor
OPTIONAL Hot water
Machine may be customised according to the needs of the client.
Manuals and servicing kit included. EC certificate

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