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1L Alcool isopropylique (IPA) Pour PCBs -
  • 1L Alcool isopropylique (IPA) Pour PCBs -

1L Alcool isopropylique (IPA) Pour PCBs


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Product Details

Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA)

Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) is a fast drying but flammable liquid used in many industrial processes and pharmaceutical applications for cleaning and degreasing. The Isopropyl alcohol cleaner can also be known as rubbing alcohol. It is a highly effective, general use solvent for removing dirt and grease from many different materials. 

Features & Benefits

• An alternative to CFC-based solvents which are said to destroy the earth’s ozone layer • Leaves no residue meaning you are left with a smooth surface 
• Non-aggressive so does not destroy your parts 
• Removes flux residues from PCBs 
• Safe on most plastics 

Is this cleaner flammable?

The fumes of the IPA cleaner are powerful and it is alcohol so always use in a well ventilated area and keep away from heat sources.

Where can you use the IPA cleaner?

The RS Pro Isopropyl alcohol cleaner is a multi-purpose solvent that can be used in many different ways. Typical applications are for cleaning PCB’s and electronic equipment, connectors, optical and fibre optics, telephone circuits, LCD panels and many others.

Tips on the use the RS Pro Isopropyl cleaner

• Always read the material safety datasheet (MSDS) before using • Keep product away from heat, sparks and open flames 
• Use in a well ventilated area 
• Wear protective clothing 
• The cleaner evaporates quickly so ensure the lid or top is kept tightly closed when not in use 

How to use RS Pro Isopropyl cleaner

1. Before using the IPA cleaner (rubbing alcohol) test the material or surface to be cleaned to ensure it is a suitable product and will not damage 2. Clean the surface by wiping it down to remove dust 
3. Dampen a cloth or cotton bud with the cleaning fluid, or spray using a spray bottle 
4. Clean the surface taking care not to leave any pools of solution 
5. The surface to be cleaned can also be immersed gently then the solution is allowed to evaporate 

  • Flammable._

Approvals RoHS-2 Compliant (2011/65/EU): Yes

Typical Properties

Appearance Clear, Colourless Liquid

Boiling Point (°C) 82

Flash Point (°C) 12

Density @ 20°C (g/ml) 0.79

Purity (%) 99.7

Water Content (%) 0.15

Miscibility in Water Complete Residue on Evaporation (ppm) 0.002g/100ml max.

Package Size1 L
Package TypeTin
Product CategoryIPA Solvent

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