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Canon IP1600 Yellow Bottled Ink 250ml Y795/250 -
  • Canon IP1600 Yellow Bottled Ink 250ml Y795/250 -

Canon IP1600 Yellow Bottled Ink 250ml Y795/250


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of OCP Ink for cartridges:

C8773 (No.02, 363, 177, 801)

Photosmart8250, Photosmart 3210, Photosmart 3310, Photosmart D7345, Photosmart D7355,Photosmart D7360, Photosmart D7363, Photosmart D7368, Photosmart D6160,Photosmart C7180, Photosmart D7145, Photosmart D7155, Photosmart D7160,Photosmart D7163, Photosmart D7168, Photosmart C5180, Photosmart C6180,Photosmart C7150, Photosmart C7170, Photosmart C7177, Photosmart C7183,Photosmart C7185, Photosmart C7186, Photosmart C7188, Photosmart C6150,Photosmart C6170, Photosmart C6175, Photosmart C6183, Photosmart C6185,Photosmart C6186, Photosmart C6188, Photosmart C5140, Photosmart C5150,Photosmart C5170, Photosmart C5173, Photosmart C5175, Photosmart C5177,Photosmart C5183, Photosmart C5185, Photosmart C5188, Photosmart C5190,Photosmart C8150, Photosmart C8180, Photosmart C8183, Photosmart C8188,Photosmart D6163, Photosmart D6168, Photosmart D7200, Photosmart D7260,Photosmart D7400, Photosmart D7460, Photosmart D7463, Photosmart C6280,Photosmart C6283, Photosmart C6288, Photosmart C6270, Photosmart C6250,Photosmart C6240, Photosmart C6200, Photosmart C7280, Photosmart C7283,Photosmart C7288, Photosmart C7275, Photosmart C7250, Photosmart C7200,Photosmart 3107, Photosmart 3108, Photosmart 3110, Photosmart 3110v, Photosmart3110xi, Photosmart 3210a, Photosmart 3210v, Photosmart 3210xi, Photosmart 3213,Photosmart 3214, Photosmart 3308, Photosmart 3310xi, Photosmart 3313,Photosmart 3314

C9425 (No.85)

Designjet30, Designjet 90, Designjet 130, Designjet 130nr, Designjet 130gp, Designjet90gp, Designjet 90r, Designjet 30n, Designjet 130r

CB277AN (No. 78+)

Deskjet930c, Deskjet 6122, Deskjet 9300, Officejet K 60, PSC 760, PSC 950 xi, Deskjet920c, Deskjet 940c, Deskjet 950c, Deskjet 960c, Deskjet 970cse, Deskjet 980c,Deskjet 990cm, Deskjet 1180c, Deskjet 1220c, Deskjet 3810, Deskjet 1220cxi,Deskjet 1220cse, Deskjet 1220c/PS, Deskjet 1280, Deskjet 3816, Deskjet 3820,Deskjet 3822, Deskjet 6127, Photosmart 1215vm, PSC 720, PSC 950, Deskjet920cxi, Deskjet 920cvr, Deskjet 932c, Deskjet 935c, Deskjet 930cm, Deskjet920cw, Deskjet 933c, Deskjet 934c, Deskjet 940cvr, Deskjet 940cw, Deskjet940cxi, Deskjet 948c, Deskjet 952c, Deskjet 955c, Deskjet 959c, Deskjet 957c,Deskjet 960cse, Deskjet 960cxi, Deskjet 970cxi, Deskjet 980cxi, Deskjet 990cse,Deskjet 990cxi, Deskjet 995c, Deskjet 995ck, Deskjet 3820v, Deskjet 3820w

CB278AN (No. 57+)

Photosmart7660, Photosmart 7760, Photosmart 7960, PSC 1110, PSC 1200, PSC 1311, PSC 2110,PSC 2210, PSC 1215, PSC 1210, PSC 1213, PSC 1315, PSC 1340, PSC 1317, PSC 1350,PSC 1355, PSC 2170, Officejet 4110v, PSC 1205, PSC 1209, PSC 1210xi, PSC 1210v, PSC 1312, PSC 1315 xi, PSC 1315 v, PSC 1318, PSC 1345, PSC 1350 xi, PSC 1350v, PSC 2115, PSC 2175, Photosmart 7665, PSC Photosmart 2405, PSC Photosmart2410, PSC Photosmart 2410xi, PSC Photosmart 2410v, PSC Photosmart 2420, PSCPhotosmart 2450, PSC Photosmart 2510, PSC Photosmart 2510xi, PSC Photosmart2550

CB337 (No. 75, 351, 141, 861)

OfficejetJ5780, Officejet J5785, Deskjet D4200, Photosmart C4280, Photosmart C5280,Photosmart C5200, Photosmart C5250, Photosmart C5270, Photosmart C5273,Photosmart C5275, Photosmart C5283, Photosmart C5288, Photosmart C5290,Photosmart C5293, Deskjet D4260, Photosmart C4210, Photosmart C4235, PhotosmartC4240, Photosmart C4250, Photosmart C4270, Photosmart C4272, Photosmart C4273,Photosmart C4275, Photosmart C4283, Photosmart C4285, Photosmart C4288,Photosmart C4292, Photosmart C4294, Photosmart C4380, Photosmart C4385,Photosmart D5300, Photosmart D5360, Photosmart D5363, Photosmart D5368,Officejet J6405, Officejet J6413, Officejet J6410, Officejet J6415, OfficejetJ6450, Officejet J6480, Officejet J6488, Photosmart C4340, Photosmart C4342,Photosmart C4343, Photosmart C4344, Photosmart C4345, Photosmart C4348,Photosmart C4424, Deskjet D4360, Photosmart C4480, Photosmart C4580, PhotosmartC5580, Deskjet D4245, Deskjet D4263, Deskjet D4268, Deskjet D4363, DeskjetD4368, Deskjet D4300, Officejet J5725, Officejet J5735, Officejet J5783,Officejet J5730, Officejet J5740, Officejet J5750, Officejet J5788, OfficejetJ5790, Photosmart C4205, Photosmart C4293

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