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Standard Ink Refill Package - refillsupermarket
  • Standard Ink Refill Package - refillsupermarket

Standard Ink Refill Package


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Profill VA Inkjet Package


Developed by an experienced British manufacturer, the Profill VA filling machine is simple, robust, economical and very compact.

You will be able to fill all types of printhead cartridges in less than 2 minutes, thanks to its design. Using a powerful vacuum chamber, the filling takes place under pressure to eliminate air bubbles, giving the closest match to OEM quality possible.

The Profill VA kit includes a centrifuge and an ultrasonic bath for cleaning. The pack also contains ink, clips, labels and everything you need to refill more than 1000 cartridges. The package also contains everything you need to start stocking refilled cartridges, so there is no wait time for your customer. With our professionally designed and manufactured bags and boxes, your display walls will look slick and appealing to customers looking to purchase from you.

This package is ideal for customers with a clear vision of where their business is going and would like to expand their profits. If you have experience of what your customers need in regards to their print supplies, this is a great way to enter into the refilling market.

With this package we offer a half-day of training here in Chorley England or on Skype video conference anywhere in the world.

Please feel free to contact us if you'd like any more information about this package.


With the average cost to you of 30p for materials for each fill, you will earn between £5,000 and £6,000 with this kit, selling at £5-£6 per refill.


Product CodeDescriptionQty
GT-IRM-VARefill Machine Mini VA1
GT-ICM-CENTRICentrifuge / Empty Cartridge1
GT-ICM-ULTRASOCleaning tool. Ultrasonnic Cleaner1
GT-REFILLCLIP-XXXPriming Tool / Starter cartridge12
GT-SYRING60Syringe 60ml2
GT-5-XXX5kg of Black / 5Kg Cyan / 5kg Magenta / 5kg Yellow4
GT-5-CLEAN5 litres of Cleaning solution1
GT-GC-XXX1000 clips for HP, Canon, Lexmark, Dell1000
GT-PB-SMALL500 Small Plastic Bag500
GT-PB-LARGE500 Big Plastic Bag500
GT-BX-SIZE400 Small Size Box / 400 Big Size Box800
GT-LA-XXX51 Sheets of Printed Labels for HP, Canon, Lexmark , Dell 51
GT-BT-BLUE1 roll of Blue1
GT-PLG-HP78Hole Plug for HP781
GT-RL-GRNLittle tabs to remove the Blue Tape1
GT-REFILLINSTRUCFull illustrated instruction manual to refill cartridges1
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