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1L OCP Ink Y 72 (Lexmark 100 / Dell 4646 / Primera) -
  • 1L OCP Ink Y 72 (Lexmark 100 / Dell 4646 / Primera) -

1L OCP Ink Y 72 (Lexmark 100 / Dell 4646 / Primera)


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1 litre of OCP Ink for cartridges:


14N0479 (108XL)

Interpret SE S408, Impact SES308, Interact SE S608, Prospect SE Pro208, Intuition SE S508, Prevail SE708,Interpret S409

14N1071 (100XL)

Interpret S405, Impact S305,Interact S605, Prospect Pro205, Platinum Pro905, Prevail Pro705, IntuitionS505, Prestige Pro805, Pinnacle Pro901, Genesis S816, Genesis S815, PrevailSE709, Prospect Pro 209

18C0033E (33)

P310, P910, P6250, X5270, X7170,Z815, Z816, X3330, P4350, P315, P915, X3350, X5250, Z818, P450, P6350, X8350,X8310, X7350, P4310, X7310, X5470, X5450, P4330

18C0035E (35XL)

Z845, X2500, X2530, X2550, Z1300,Z1310, X3530, X3550, X4530, X4550, Z1410, Z1420, Z1320, X2510, X5070, X5490,X5495, X5075 Professional

18C0190 (2)

X2480, X3480, X2580, X3580

18C0781E (1)

X2310, Z735, X2470, X3470, X2450,X3450, Z730, X2330, X2350


Series 5 (J5567)

922 Photo All-in-One Printer, 942Photo All-in-One Printer, 962 Photo All-in-One Printer, 924 Photo All-in-OnePrinter, 944 Photo All-in-One Printer, 964 Photo All-in-One Printer, 946 PhotoAll-in-One Printer

Series 6 (JF333)

725 Photo All-in-One Printer, 810Photo All-in-One Printer

Series 9 (MK991)

926 Photo All-in-One Printer,V305 All-In-One Printer, V305W All-In-One Printer



LX 800

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