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1 Litre Cyan Ink for Brother LC1100 LC223 LC123 -
  • 1 Litre Cyan Ink for Brother LC1100 LC223 LC123 -

1 Litre Cyan Ink for Brother LC1100 LC223 LC123


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LC221C/ LC223C/ LC227C/ LC225C/ LC229C

Brother MFC-J2330DW/ Brother MFC-J2730DW/ Brother MFC-J3530DW/ Brother MFCJ-3930DW

Brother MFC-J690DW/ Brother MFC-J890DW

LC123C/ LC125C/ LC127C

DCP-J132W/ DCP-J152W/ DCP-J4110DW/ DCP-J552DW/ DCP-J752DW/ MFC-J4410DW

/MFC-J4510DW/ MFC-J4610DW/ MFC-J470DW/ MFC-J4710DW/ MFC-J650DW/ MFC-J6520DW

/MFC-J6720DW/ MFC-J6920DW/ MFC-J870DW

LC1000C/ LC970C/ LC960C/ LC57C/ LC51C/ LC37C

LC1100C/ LC980C/ LC67C/ LC65C/

LC61C/ LC38C


LC39C/ LC985C

LC12C/ LC17C/ LC71C/ LC73C/ LC75C/ LC77C/ LC79C/ LC400C/

LC450C/ LC1220C/ LC1240C/ LC1280C

LC101C/ LC103C/ LC105C/ LC121C/ LC123C/ LC125XLC/ LC133C/

LC135XLC/ LC525XLC/ LC535XLC/ LC563C/ LC565XLC


DCP 145C/ 165C/ 185C/ 195C/ 197C/ 365CN/ 375CW/ 385C/ 395CN/ 535CN/ 585CW/ 6690CW/ J100/ J105/ J125/ J132W/ J140W/

J152W/ J172W/ J315W/ J515W/ J552DW/ J715W/ J752DW/ J4110DW/ T300 / T500W / T700W

MFC 250C/ 255CW/ 257CW/ 290C/ 295CN/ 490CN/ 490CW/ 495CW/ 670CD/ 670CDW/ 790CW/ 795CW/ 930CDN/ 930CDWN/ 990CW/ 5490CN/

5890CN/ 5895CW/ 6490CN/ 6490CW/ 6890CDW/ J200/ J220/ J245/ J265W/ J270W/ J410/ J410W/ J415W/ J430W/ J432W/ J450DW/ J525W/ J615W/

J625DW/ J630W/ J650DW/ J725DW/ J825DW/ J870DW/ J875DW/ J925DW/ J4310DW/ J4410DW/ J4510DW/ J4610DW/ J4710DW/ J5910DW/

J6510DW/ J6520DW/ J6710DW/ J6710CDW/ J6720DW/ J6910DW/ J6910CDW/ J6920DW/ T800W

Equivalent to C305 C139

Replace IB970C

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