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Mini Boiler Inkjet Cleaning Machine -
  • Mini Boiler Inkjet Cleaning Machine -

Mini Boiler Inkjet Cleaning Machine


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Every successful refill starts with a clean cartridge!

Using a patent pending VIP or Vacuum Impregnation Process. the GTI ProFill Mini Vacuum Boiler generates a boil allowing it to energetically hydrate and clean the cartridge sponges, ink delivery channels, and printhead. With additional centrifuge steps the fluid and ink is removed from the cartridge through both the printhead and the ink inlet holes. This complete process thoroughly cleans the cartridge preparing it to receive ink. The Mini Boiler uses a combination of water and GTI cleaning solution to clean cartridges. The Mini Boiler will hold up to:

  • 45 * HP Type 56, 57 Size Cartridges
  • 10 * HP Type 78 Size Cartridges

It has a cleaning time of approximately 60 minutes (not including centrifuging). The unit DOES NOT contain an on-board heating element. Boiling water from an outside source is required. Limited 1 year warranty Features:

  • High quality, power vacuum pump
  • Cleans up to 45 HP50 type cartridges at one time
  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Compact Size 9 x 10 x 9 3/4 inch
  • Self contained: No special plumbing needed


  • Batch Processing and quick Cycle Time for maximum productivity
  • Easy to operate Durable
  • Thoroughly but gently clean and revitalize sponges
  • Cleans without damaging delicate printheads
  • Correctly prepares cartridges to receive new ink
  • Increases cartridge turnover
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