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1 litre of Black Pigmented Ink Universal


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High Quality pigmented Black ink.
Ideal for

HP  51645 A (No.45)
HP  C 5059A (No.90)
HP  C2P04A (No.62)
HP  C2P05A (No.62XL)
HP  C2P10AE (No.651)
HP  C4844A (No.10)
HP  C4871A (No.80)
HP  C4936A (No.18)
HP  C6615 (No.15)
HP  C6656 (No.56)
HP  C8727 (No.27)
HP  C8765 (No.94, 338, 131, 852)
HP  C8767 (No.96, 339, 130, 853)
HP  C9351A (No.21)
HP  C9351C (No. 21XL)
HP  C9362 (No.92, 336,132,850)
HP  C9364 (No.98, 337, 129, 851)
HP  CB316 (No. 564, 364, 178, 862)
HP  CB321 (No. 564XL, 364XL, 178XL, 862XL)
HP  CB334AE (No. 54)
HP  CB335 (No. 74, 350, 140, 860)
HP  CB336 (No. 74XL, 350XL, 140XL, 860XL)
HP  CC640 (No.60, 300, 121, 818)
HP  CC641 (No.60XL, 300XL, 121XL, 818XL)
HP  CC653A (No.901)
HP  CC654A (No.901XL)
HP  CD971A (No.920)
HP  CD975A (No.920XL)
HP  CH561 (No.61, 301, 122, 802)
HP  CH563 (No.61XL, 301XL, 122XL, 802XL)
HP  CH565A (No.82)
HP  CN045AE (No.950XL)
HP  CN049AE (No.950)
HP  CN684 (No.564XL, 364XL, 178XL, 862XL)
HP  CZ101AE (No.650)
HP  CZ103A (No.662)
HP  CZ105A (No.662 XL)
HP  CZ107AA (No.678)
HP  CZ109AE (No.655)
HP  CZ113AL (No.670)
HP  CZ117AL (No.670XL)
HP  CZ121AA (No.685)
HP  CZ637AA (No.46)
HP  L0S58AE (No.953)
HP  L0S70AE (No.953XL)
Lexmark  10N0016E (16)
Lexmark  10N0217E (17)
Lexmark  18C0032E (32)
Lexmark  18C0034E (34XL)

Equivalent to BKP 89 (BKP89) and BKP 249 (BKP249)

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