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1 litre of Black Pigment HP 45 15


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1 litre bottle of Black Ink for HP cartridges:

51645 A (No.45)

Deskjet 930c, Color Copier 110, Color Copier 140, Color Copier 180, Color Copier 210, Color Copier 260, Color Copier 280, Designjet 700, Designjet 750C, Deskjet 6122, Deskjet 9300, Fax 1220, Officejet 1170 C, Officejet G85, Officejet K 60, Officejet Pro 1150c, Officejet R40, Officejet T45, Photosmart p1000/1000, Photosmart P1100, Photosmart 1215, Photosmart 1315, Deskjet 710c, Deskjet 815c, Deskjet 820cxi, Deskjet 830c, Deskjet 850c, Deskjet 870 Cxi, Deskjet 880c, Deskjet 950c, Deskjet 960c, Deskjet 970cse, Deskjet 980c, Deskjet 990cm, Deskjet 1000cse, Deskjet 1100 C, Deskjet 1120c, Deskjet 1170 C, Deskjet 1180c, Deskjet 1220c, Deskjet 1600cm, Color Copier 150, Color Copier 160, Color Copier 210LX, Deskjet 1220cxi, Deskjet 1220cse, Deskjet 1220c/PS, Fax 1220 xi, Officejet 1150, Officejet 1175cxi, Officejet G55, Officejet G95, Officejet K80, Officejet T65, Photosmart 1218, Deskjet 1280, Color Copier 120, Color Copier 145, Color Copier 155, Color Copier 170, Color Copier 190, Color Copier 270, Color Copier 290, Designjet 755CM, Deskjet 1125c, Deskjet 1175 C, Deskjet 6127, Deskjet 832c, Officejet 1170cse, Officejet 1170cxi, Officejet 1175cse, Officejet 1175c, Officejet G55xi, Officejet G85xi, Officejet K60xi, Officejet K80xi, Officejet R60, Officejet R80, Officejet T45xi, Photosmart P1100xi, Photosmart 1215vm, Photosmart 1218xi, Designjet 750C Plus, Designjet 755CM Plus, Deskjet 712c, Deskjet 720c, Deskjet 722c, Deskjet 820c, Deskjet 820ce, Deskjet 850cxi, Deskjet 855c, Deskjet 855cse, Deskjet 870cse, Deskjet 870cxi, Deskjet 850k, Deskjet 882c, Deskjet 890cse, Deskjet 890cxi, Deskjet 895cse, Deskjet 895cxi

C4844A (No.10)

2000c, 2500c, Business InkJet 1100dtn, Business InkJet 2200, Business InkJet 2230, Business InkJet 2250, Business InkJet 2280, Business InkJet 2300, Business InkJet 2500, Business InkJet 2600, Business Inkjet 3000, Color Inkjet CP1700, Designjet 100, Designjet 500, Designjet 500 C, Designjet 800, Business Inkjet 1200, Officejet 9110, 2000cxi, 2000cse, 2000cn, Business InkJet 1100d, 2500cm, 2500cse, 2500cxi, 2500c Plus, Business Inkjet 1200d, Business Inkjet 1200dn, Business Inkjet 1200dtn, Business Inkjet 1200dtwn, Business InkJet 2200se, Business InkJet 2200xi, Business InkJet 2250tn, Business InkJet 2280tn, Business InkJet 2300n, Business InkJet 2300dtn, Business InkJet 2600dn, Business Inkjet 3000n, Business Inkjet 3000dtn, Color Inkjet CP1700d, Color Inkjet CP1700ps, Business InkJet 1000, Business InkJet 2800, Business InkJet 2800dt, Business InkJet 2800dtn, Designjet Color Pro cad, Designjet 800 PS, Designjet 800 MFP, Designjet 500PS, Designjet Color Pro ga, Officejet 9120, Officejet 9130, Designjet 70, Designjet 110, Officejet Pro K850, Officejet Pro K850dn, Designjet 100 Plus, Designjet 110 Plus, Designjet 110 Plus r, Designjet 110 Plus nr, Designjet 500 Mono, Designjet 500 Plus, Designjet 500 ps Plus, Designjet cc800ps

C6615 (No.15)

Digital Copier 310, Officejet 5110, Officejet V40, PSC 500, PSC 760, PSC 950 xi, Deskjet 810c, Deskjet 840c, Deskjet 920c, Deskjet 940c, Deskjet 3810, Color Copier 310, Deskjet 816C, Deskjet 825c, Fax 1230, Fax 1230 xi, Deskjet 3816, Deskjet 3820, Deskjet 3822, Officejet 5110xi, Officejet V40xi, PSC 500 xi, PSC 720, PSC 950, Deskjet 812c, Deskjet 825cvr, Deskjet 842c, Deskjet 843c, Deskjet 845c, Deskjet 845cvr, Deskjet 841c, Deskjet 916c, Deskjet 920cxi, Deskjet 920cvr, Deskjet 920cw, Deskjet 940cvr, Deskjet 940cw, Deskjet 940cxi, Deskjet 948c, Deskjet 3820v, Deskjet 3820w, Officejet 5110v, Officejet V45, Officejet V30

Equivalent BKP41
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